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We build better websites that keep your ultimate goals in mind.

If you need a new website designed or a facelift to an existing site, Bruce Oliver Consulting has the experience to help you achieve your defined purpose website. There are many important concepts that have to be incorporated in a we design for it to be properly built. It has to function ideally for each website visitor.

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No Obligation, Free In-Depth Phone Consultation With One Of Our Designers

First of all, before these important concepts can be developed, we require a free and in-depth consultation. Usually this is done by phone and can be done in person over a cup of coffee if preferred.

Once we have completed the phone consultation, we will contact the client with a written web design proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bruce Oliver Consulting is happy to professionally guide you along the way, from selecting a domain name, affordable hosting for your new website, quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creative options for helping you find new customers through your new website. We are here to help you not sell you. We will only make suggestions of practical options for you and even tell you of things you don't need to get.

Not to worry, we have been helping clients with their web design needs for over 19 years. If there are any loose ends, we are flexible enough to meet our client's expectations.

Once we have the phone consultation completed and you would like to proceed, we will provide you a written web design or web development proposal discussing all aspects of the project. Once we have your approval on the proposal we go to the next step and provide you our agreement.

Yes, our team at BOC (Bruce Oliver Consulting) will send you documentation that restates what was discussed in the proposal. The agreement will clearly state the price of the web design project and what is needed to complete the website design in a timely manner.

We are really good at communicating with our clients as to when we are able to schedule their design projects for production. This happens right after we receive a deposit or payment in full. We do accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payments.

Based on the information we have received from you, our design team will create a rough-draft mockup of the suggested look and feel of your new home page. This is only a mockup and often triggers fresh new ideas and directions from our clients.

Rarely do we experience a client that has such a great idea of what they need designed that we are able to start production with only offering one rough draft-mockup. Often we will provide two or three rough draft-mockups to make sure the customer and our team are all on the same page. We do ask for an acknowledgement in writing by our clients that they are happy with the direction headed based on the most current rough draft-mockup.

This is a very important step of the design of the new website. The sooner you provide your feedback, the sooner your project will become completed. Your feedback is critical at this point, especially of what you really like and things you dislike. We will then take all of this information in and roll up our sleeves and continue working on your behalf to meet your production deadline.
Be sure to review our Happiness Guarantee.

Bruce Oliver Consulting Guarantee

Important Things To Know About Website Design.

If your website is missing only a few of these, your website is sick.  

We cannot state enough how important it is for you to find a first-rate web design company to do your work - someone  who will do it right the first time.  Do not be afraid of paying a little more to a qualified design company to produce your new website.  This is an investment in your company's future.  Your customers are very smart and will see right through a poorly built and cheap website.  You don't want to make a bad impression on your clients.  Shy away from in-experienced builders. 

BOC will carefully guide you through the web design process from the beginning all the way through completion.  We will keep you updated on our progress so you can feel assured that the work is properly being accomplished.  We believe in being transparent with our customers during production.  Not all companies are transparent.

The website visitor has to be able to navigate throughout the whole website with ease and comfort. If the guest cannot easily find the content he is looking for, he will quickly leave and go to your competitor.

Today the website must contain easy to read fonts.  Make sure you find a really good graphic designer.  It needs eye catching graphics to engage each visitor. 

The well known phrase "Content is King" is even more important today than years ago. The search engines will rank a site higher if it is interesting and has helpful content. If you are looking for Web Design consider contacting Bruce Oliver Consulting.

1.   Make sure you test out every link your web designer builds into your site.  If you have broken links, your visitors will be unhappy and leave and your search engine rankings will be hurt.

2.   Don't under-estimate the value and power that a nicely-created video can do for your website.  With proper optimization it has been proven that websites will rank much higher with the search engines like Google, Bing and others.  Your web designer should be able to help you acquire an engaging video to tell your story.  B.O.C. offers a boat-load of concepts and suggestions to easily help you.   

3.  As was mentioned before, making sure you have well written content in your website is a must.   Remember we already said Content Is King. 

4.  The site needs to be fast loading. Most visitors will give up and leave if the website takes longer than 8-15 seconds to load.

5.  S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) must be seriously considered in the budget for a new web design project.  You would not buy a new car with only the rear wheels.  You will not get any where fast.  You need those front wheels to help you move more effortlessly and help you steer the course.  You can do a little each month for a while or you can go for a larger investment at once.   We cannot tell you enough how important it is to have a firm that can offer you professional S.E.O. services to compliment the new web design project.  See our S.E.O. page for more information.

We suggest that you offer at least one or two CTAs on each page.  This represents what you want the website visitor to do when visiting your website.  What you encourage the visitor to do such as sign-up for the newsletter,  register for the new product demo, go to your shopping cart to place an order, schedule a phone call from you or other creative choices.  We call this hand-shaking.  Every website should find a way to connect with the visitors.  Hand Shake!

With our Web Design Service you can now offer prospects inviting and engaging information that will keep them coming back to you.  They will want to do business with you.

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