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Tap into the collective knowledge of our team for data recommendations. We can help you optimize your campaign - direct mail, telemarketing, email, or digital campaigns.

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Here are several types of lists that you may wish to consider in your next campaign.  These can help you advance your targeting.  BOC enables marketers to expand their reach and engage with new audiences. Our team of experts are ready and able to provide objective data recommendations. Allow us to listen to your needs and provide guidance to help you optimize your campaigns. Whether your need is to saturate a specific area or focus exclusively on key demographics, our team is prepared to assist your company in reaching its goals.

Resident/Occupant Lists:

Maximize reach while optimizing postal discounts with this data source that is designed for postal saturation. Resident/Occupant data allows mailers to identify residential and/or business addresses within specific geographic areas via advanced mapping capabilities.

​​​​Specialty Lists:
Advance your targeting via a variety of highly-focused prospect segments. Specialty lists identify consumers and businesses based on specific niche attributes.  Examples of frequently requested lists are: Doctors by Practice Type, Nurses by License Type, Dentists/Dental Assistants

Response Lists: Identify prospects by activities and affinities with aptly named response lists. These lists are highly sought after for their ability to pin-point consumer and business segments based on what they do.
Types of response data may include: Donors by Dollar Amount, Catalog Purchasers, Online Product Purchases, Opportunity Seekers, Opt-in Email Files, Ailment-Related Buyers

Consumer Lists: Focus your campaign on the right audience with highly targetable consumer lists. These databases of economically active households are commonly compiled from sources that include buying activities, public records, and consumer surveys.  For example: Age/Date of Birth, Marital Status, Education/Occupation, Ethnicity, Estimated Income, Property Attributes, Hobbies

Business Lists: Identify and reach businesses that are a good fit for your products and services. This data is compiled from sources that include annual reports, corporate websites and new business filings.  Frequent requests are: SIC Codes, NAICS Code, Employee Size, Sales Volume, Top Contact Name, Functional Job Title, Top Contact Gender, Email Addresses, First Year in Business

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Acquisition & Loyalty Email

From mailboxes to inboxes, we know how to get your message delivered. Our Email Marketing team manages all facets of prospect and loyalty email marketing, including copy writing, mobile-response design, targeted opt-in email audiences, email address verification, deployment, optimization, and detailed reporting.

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Multiple Touchpoints

Be sure to download the Acquisition Email - FAQs and schedule a call back from our team.

PLEASE NOTE: All phone numbers are properly scrubbed from National Do Not Call Lists and all emails are offered on an Opt-In basis.

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