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Bruce Oliver Consulting, "BOC", offers animated video services that will inspire your prospects to take action.  Your compelling message creatively crafted in a short 2 minute video will always catch the attention of each viewer you are trying to reach.
Our animated video services team is ready to design you a powerful, engaging, and high-converting video that moves prospects to action.  Finally there is a 21st Century state of the art technology that allows you to communicate in a fresh new way!  Don't get left behind, take advantage of our animated video services today.
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By Dr. Bruce Oliver
We are launching News You Can Use?   Several times a week this location of our website will feature "News You Can Use".  Dr. Oliver is committed to bring you a variety of content that will inspire and challenge you during these uncertain times.
Do You Know What Your Customers Need?
Every business requires a marketing plan.
The problem with marketing is one day your phone is ringing off the hook and then next day you wonder what is going on.  Is Marketing just about luck or is there more to it?

No matter what your skill levels are there is only one thing that will turn your visitors into buyers.  What do you think this is?

The bottom line is that your customers will only stop and read what your offering if it is catering to their interests. It is critical that the information you write has to be of interest to your audience or they will leave your site faster than a cop can pull you over!

The question is, what interests your customers?

The answer to this question is that your customers want to know data that will benefit themselves.
They don't care about what makes you and your business run.  They want to know, what will you do for me.   How can you assist my situation?  How can you solve my problems?

Keeping the main thing the main thing.  You must offer your clients ways your business can benefit them. What is going to make improvements to their lives.  What service or product can you introduce that will make a difference to their bottom line?

Until you focus on their problems, who they are and how you can help, you will continue to miss the mark. Keep your customer in mind when creating your marketing message.  Focus on solving problems for your customers and you will see an increase to your sales.

Need A New Website Or A Make Over?

We do new or make over websites

Web Design or Web Development

BOC has always kept the clients' ultimate goal in mind when designing or redesigning a professional website.  There are many
important concepts that have to be included in a web design for it to be properly built.   It has to function ideally for the website visitor.
First of all, before these important concepts can be developed, we require a free and in-depth consultation.  Usually this is done by phone and can be done in person over a cup of coffee if preferred.

Once we have the consultation completed, we will contact the client with a written web design or web development proposal discussing all aspects of the project in order to make sure there are no loose ends.  And if there are loose ends, BOC is flexible to meet our client's expectations.

Next we will send the client our agreement re-stating what was discussed in the proposal. The agreement will clearly state the price of the project and what is needed to complete the web design in a timely manner.  When a deposit or payment in full is received, we are ready to begin building the project.
At this point in the process we will provide the client with a general web design mockup of the project. Again BOC will make sure that the customer is in agreement with the projected look and feel of the site.  This step is critical for the project to move forward and be a success.
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Important concepts required to build a professional website.  The website visitor has to be able to navigate throughout the whole website with ease and comfort.   If the guest cannot easily find the content he is looking for, he will quickly leave and go to your competitor.

We cannot state enough how important it is for you to find the best web design company to do your work. Someone who will do it right the first time around.  
Today the website must contain easy to read fonts. The site needs to be fast loading.   It needs eye catching graphics to engage each visitor.  Most visitors will give up and leave if the site loads longer than 15 seconds.
The well known phrase "Content is King" is even more important today than years ago.  The search engines will rank a site higher if it is interesting and has helpful content.  

Make sure your site does not have broken links as this will tarnish your professional image. Don't under-estimate the value and power that nicely created videos do for your website. They usually provide higher ranking with the search engines.

Be sure to have your web design or web development team optimize your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done so the search engines can find you.

Web design keywords are an important part of web design or web development.  If not done the search engines have no way to find you.  If your web design or web development team adds too many web design keywords your site can be penalized and hurt your ranking score.  Your web design keywords must be relevant to your content.  We strongly suggest you hire a web design company who works with this kind of thing day in and day out.

Your web design should have one or two CTAs. Call To Action is a term that tells the visitor that you are interested in them and that you are wanting them to take action and get engaged.

We Do Search Engine Optimization

Affordable SEO
Let our SEO experts take your business to the top!

Powerful Build Your Own Website you build website

Consulting Services For Small Business

 Bruce Oliver Consulting,  P.O. Box 540185 Grand Prairie, Texas 75054  Phone 972-660-2500
Dr. Bruce Oliver and his wife, Winnie, count it a privilege and honor to have been serving their customers since 1991. They are located in Grand Prairie, Texas.  What they call the heart of Texas.

Bruce works hard to provide quality products and services with a focus on saving you money.   That is why we say:  "We focus on saving you money! So you can focus on growing your business."  This is possible because we have extremely low overhead and have negotiated great prices from our venders.

Besides offering amazing animated video services, BOC is known for its positive reputation as a web design company.  BOC  offers a variety of Internet marketing services, consulting services for startups, consulting services for small business and we create ads for social media marketing.

Bring us your marketing ideas and our graphic designer will bring them to life.  He will make beautiful designs ready for commercial print production.  No matter what your project, we can do fast postcard printing, fast brochure printing and other print projects fast.

Need more clients to talk to?  We can help.  Click on: Experience our 3 Step Strategy For Increased Sales!

To further learn about our company we suggest you enjoy our new  Podcast below and check out our BOC E-Brochure.  To improve your marketing efforts we suggest you have Bruce and his team customize both a Tell Your Story Podcast using our podcast recording service  and E-Brochure / E-Book.  These make excellent free give-a-ways so others can learn more about you and your branding.

You are invited to receive "On Your Mark. Get Ready Go" whitepaper that Dr. Oliver has written for Business Leaders.  It is FREE. Just opt-in to receive our BOC Newsletter.  Our newsletters include helpful tips and news you can use.  We provide Special Offers only available to those who Opt-In.  Not to worry, there will be an unsubscribe link of which we REALLY unsubscribe you.  We count it a joy to serve you.
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 "Niches" We Help And More

The use of Social Media is "Sky Rocketing".  Good News we see no end in site. BOC is able to help you find creative ways to reach your desired Niche market using social media. Here are just a few of the many Niches or ways we can help you increase your potential.  Have a Niche that is not listed on our Niche Page?  Let's talk about it and find a positive plan.  


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Introducing Academyee courses that will turn heads because of the production quality and amazing content.  This is our BEST and most well received set of courses we have ever offered! Each class is presented by an expert in the field.  Classes can be ordered as a bundle or on an individual bases.  These are not for resale but for your individual education.  Skill level: Beginner.  Make your selection today.
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26 Awesome Courses

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