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Dear Marketers And Friends,

Has bringing Traffic and Sales to your business been an extremely tough experience?

Have you written your own content and yet failed?
Do you want well written content that sells?

If your answers are ‘Yes’, Don't worry any longer.  Bruce has a SOLUTION for you.

With A Proven Solution In Hand, You Can Finally:
  • Focus On Other Important Areas Of Your Business And Leave The Content Writing To Us.

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You Have 3 Choices To Get Great Content

         OPTION 1 - You Can Do All Ad Writing In House.

         Option 2 - Hire A Professional Copywriter Who Is Expensive!


Writing sales copy on your own that works is very difficult to do.  Think about the thousands of hours  professional copywriters spend in developing their craft. If you do not have the time to invest or the confidence that you can write great copy, then you could always hire a professional copywriter.

There are several negatives to hiring a professional copywriter.  One is that a professional copywriter may have very good writing skills, but many lack the skill to communicate a message that actually sells products and services.    Look out for those people who might write a good sounding sales message but only to produce poor expectations.  Many will over-promise and under-deliver. 

Another problem with hiring someone to write your sales copy for you is that they cost a lot of money.
  You can expect to pay $1,000 to $8,000, and for really good copywriters you can pay $20,000 just for a single sales page!

Not all sales copy will get the action you want people to take first time around.  This of course can cost you time and money. 

         OPTION 3 - Use Bruce's Content Writing Service

This is a content writing service that our team of expert writers provides to our customers who need results, yet do not have the time to do the work themselves.  And unlike hiring those polished and expensive Copywriters, our Content Writing Service is affordable and effective.  We have developed a system which takes your information and creatively writes powerful ad copy that is tried and tested, and gets you results.  Remember, we said this is an affordable service.

Our team is ready and able to write just about any kind of sales script you could ever need:  Emails, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Sales Letters, Webinars, Phone Scripts, Scripts for Videos, and more….

No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your niche, no matter if you are selling a physical product or a digital product, no matter what your industry is, our Content Writing Service can work for you.

This is a SIMPLE process for you. 

You will explain what purpose you need content written for.

We will ask you a series of questions in order to know your product or service better and learn about the desired action you want people to take.

So you see, you only have three choices:

1.  Buy tons of copywriting books and courses and take the necessary hundreds of hours to learn.  The costs to prepare yourself for learning this skill is OVERWHELMING when you think of time and money.  Not your best ROI when running a business which requires many other demanding skills.

2.  The risk is way too high to take a chance by using a minimum $2,000 professional copywriter with a greater risk of achieving poor results than achieving good results.

OPTION 3 - Use our Content Writing Service to get your script writing professionally done within your budget.

Here you will find that our many years of copywriting experience will benefit your sales and marketing campaigns when called upon. 

We are not here to make a quick sale but rather to be an extension of your writing department for years to come.  We are ready to provide you the BEST Solution that fits your needs.

The Power Of Well Written Ad Copy Is The Difference Between Increased Sales Or Failure.

Adding This Solution In Your Arsenal Can Change Your Life!


Bruce Oliver Consulting

Bruce's Content Writing Service Is A Life Changing System To Uncover Traffic And Increase Product Sales!

  • Search Engines LOVE Well Written Sales Campaigns 

  • No Matter What Your Niche, Our Content Writers Can Help

  • We Do Most Of The Heavy Lifting, You Do Very LIttle

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  • Simple Truth - Well Written Copy Is A Key To Increased Sales

Bruce's Content Writing Service Has Years Serving Business Users – What’s Stopping You?

“I had tried desperately for traffic and sales with so-called fake solutions and failed every time. Once I was introduced to Bruce Oliver Consulting Content Writing Service, there has not been any looking back to enjoy a laptop lifestyle.”

Anwar S.

‘’I was very very unsuccessful at content writing. I had tried so many flashy products and paid agencies heavy fees for sales copy that did not work. Then, one fine day, I came across Bruce Oliver Consulting's Content Writing Service. All thanks to Bruce, I am able to enjoy traffic and sales like never before.

Alex A.


"Content is the most PASSIVE Form of
Authority & Money Machine."

Neil Napier

Stress-Free Happiness Guarantee

We are ready to take risks and that’s why we offer this money back promise if you are not satisfied…

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If you use Bruce's Content Writing Service and still don’t get desired results after a 3rd revision, then ask for your money anytime within 7-days of your order. We will refund your money!

Our Happiness Guarantee to you is that we want you to be a happy Bruce Oliver Consulting customer.  If we provide you written copy that is not what you had in mind, our team is prepared to rewrite your copy for you.  Though most clients find our service to be outstanding and rewriting ad copy is not necessary, on occasion a client may ask for their copy to be revised as many as up to 3 times to satisfy their purchase. 

If for any reason our team did not meet your expectations, you may contact us in writing (after you receive your 3rd script revision within 7 business days) for a Full Refund.  Though refunds are rare and unlikely to be requested, we feel it is important that any unhappy client has this option.

We will always strive for EXCELLENCE when offering our Content Writing Service to our clients.

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